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The new Sony Ericsson F305 with Motion Gaming puts 'fun and entertainment' at the heart of the mobile phone. In addition to horizontal gameplay and dedicated gaming controls - to let you control the action the way you are used to - the F305 lets the user control the action with a swing or a swipe of the phone.

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I was just searching on mobile phone gaming and noticed an online casino can actually be played through your mobile! I believe the minimum requirements are at least a 3G or HSDCPA connection to handle the bandwidth and downloading the online casino. Wouldn't it be funny travelling to work one morning on the train and winning one of the free casino games :P If there is one online casino that I want to see go mobile, it's Casino Classic. I have been playing with this mob for a long time.

I think France may already be utilising the technology in their online casino industry. The French nation has always been a huge fan of casinos en ligne and going mobile is just helping to further make casinos accessible to everyone. I've also heard that Spain will be jumping on the bandwagon also with a certain casino en linea set to go mobile very soon.

Either way I think it is a step in the right direction for online casino gaming and I'm sure more people will take it up. It should be interesting to see if you can also get an online casino bonus while playing over your mobile.

Mobile Games

Plenty of really cool games are going mobile of late including casinos. One of my favourites is the casino uk. In my opinion they have all the best games and are definitely worth trying. But if you're playing in the Netherlands look out for a casino online gratis. Have fun and good luck!

New Games

Recently some online casino operators have introduced new games which you can play on your mobile phone increasing the number of games available for you to play. I personally prefer the online casino slot games and blackjack but you can now choose from a huge variety including roulette, slots, video poker and blackjack. How cool is that to play in the morning on the way to work and hit the jackpot right there! But be sure to choose a good online casino to play at and familiarize yourself with the games before you get started.

Casinos switching to Mobiles

More and more online casinos are offering mobile application for their online casinos. With this new software you can play very easily right from your mobile phone. How great is this? It means that you can now play whenever and wherever you want. Online casinos across the board are trying to keep up with new technologies evolving and are keen to get their games on Ipads and Iphones. Before using any of these new apps make sure, they keep all your information safe and secure. Enjoy the new games!